Safety & Quality

Highest Commitment to Safety and Quality

At NapUp, we have been very strict in choosing extremely high quality materials so that the product is as safe, and as comfortable, as can be.

We have tested NapUp in an Australian laboratory on Australian Car Seats and found it to comply with Australian & New Zealand Standard 8005:2013


The NapUp has decreased the head deceleration by no less than 10%

  • Such decreases in head deceleration during crash events can reduce the risk of neck injury of an occupant.

  • During crash testing, the NapUp device did not come into contact with the Dummy’s throat region and did not present any harmful breakages.

  • The NapUp device does not represent any risk to the occupants during crash events.

We have also tested NapUp at a well known, international laboratory and found it to comply with global safety standards.

All the safety test made by

NapUp conducted various crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, as well as for side impact, under the  US – FMVSS 213, NPRM 213 , EU – ECER44 and was found to fully comply with the safety standards. These tests were done at the acclaimed US Calspen organisation, where leading car seat company's run safety tests on their product, including all car seats, booster seats and infant carriers.

The US Federal Safety Standards and Australian Safety Standard tests showed that the addition of the product did not alter the way the car seat or booster will perform in a crash.

For a copy of the crash test results click here to download.

If you would like to request to see the reports for any of the above tests, please email us and we will be happy to send them to you Request Reports